Hi, my name is Jaime / art + design lover / Founder Design Milk + Dog Milk + Adorn Milk / orchestrator of awesome / slow but consistent runner / art-maker / poem-writer / food-eater / jewelry-wearer / music-maker / bad but enthusiastic dancer / ball of stress / amateur

Artist Statement / My work is an exploration of shape and color, using layering as a guide. Everything is unplanned and completely intuitive—each mark is a response to its predecessor. The repetition of shapes and lines is an exercise used to escape from everything else around me. I'm a believer in embracing happy accidents and approaching each piece as an experiment. I am inspired by Japanese calligraphy (Shodo), graphics and style from the 80s and 90s, electronic music, celebrations/parties, fireworks, space exploration and sci-fi, undersea creatures, topography, cartography, plated food, and architecture.

Jaime's work has appeared in blogs/magazines, TV shows, films, and her work is collected by celebrities.


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The Yucatan

There was a sturdy vessel
Called the Yucatan.
A merchant ship she was,
Owned by Japan.
Manned by fifty men, strong and bold,
She carried a cargo of millions in gold.

At dawn there came a roar,
The mast fell, killing four.
“No quarter; no quarter!” was the Captain’s call,
As the enemy poured in,
Ball after ball.
Suddenly, she sank, under a great wave.
Then, a clank,
She had reached her grave.

Fifty men, strong and bold,
had gone down with the Yucatan,
And her cargo of gold.

/ Nathan Ellis, age 12